Transformation and Turnaround

Using new technology and approaches to achieve business transformation can yield high rewards, but does carry risks. Clients we have helped include:

  • Turning around a boutique marketing consultancy
  • Redesigning the customer satisfaction operation for multi-media supplier

Our approach is to de-risk the new technology as much as possible via careful planning, attention to detail, and ensuring staff are involved. This typically entails:

  • Ensuring the current systems, processes and data are in as good a state as possible – this can often yield huge benefits in and of itself.
  • Modelling the overlay of the new systems, planning for replacment and doing gap analyses
  • Bringing people into the change process early, developing simulations and business games to allow them to familiarise themselves with the changes and also help de-bug them
  • Defining the interim sequences during switchover, to mmaximise business continuity.

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