Forecasting and Market Intelligence


Before undertaking a journey it is useful to know where you are, and then understand the forces that are acting in the industry sector.

Our TESTS diagnostic process looks at the company’s current position in terms of the:

  • Technology – examine current Industry dynamics and relevant emergent and potential technology disruptions
  • Economics – evaluate the economic discontinuities and any disruptions that may occur, and understand the “good enoughs”
  • Social, Political and Regulatory structures keeping the incumbents in position, and what needs to occur for changes to favour new entrants.
  • Triage – Defining and modelling possible scenarios, and looking for possible inflections. We use a variety of approaches to modelling, from simple spreadsheets to system dynamic modelling depending on the application
  • Sensitivity Analyis of the scenarios, driving a probability roadmap

The outcome gives our clients a solid understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in dealing with the emerging technology landscape.

We have been doing this for some years now, and have found our predictions to be demonstrably reliable

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