New Technology Development

Once a strategy and business plan is defined, a requirement is often to design and build live production system. Projects come in all shapes and size and we can offer the services to support them:

    • Capturing requirements from stakeholders.
    • Analyising and assessing technical, commercial and project risks.
    • Ownership of the design process (technical design authority) ensuring that the proposed solution meets the requirements and minimises risk, cost and timescales.
    • Detailed design of interfaces and system elements.

We have experience of system design and build in an number of environments:

Reference Systems

Reference systems are real systems that are used to inform the initial phases of a product or service lifecycle. They can have several purposes –

      • To prove technical feasibility
      • To develop look and feel
      • To use with focus groups
      • To build confidence with project stakeholders
      • As a testbed for system integration (before and after the main system is live)
      • Training

We can offer design and build of alpha and beta systems for piloting or rapidly setting up go-to-market systems. Most large projects end up with a reference system, whether they initially plan to or not. We have built many reference systems for clients in various sectors. The scale of these projects can range from the code on a single Linux server up to a rack of equipment.
With Moore’s Law bringing down hardware costs and the continued improvement in software (especially open source) development costs, building a reference system is not longer an expensive option and gives early insight into project viability.
The photo below shows a digital TV reference system capable of sending any Interactive TV format to almost any set top box. This was built for the Interactive TV Research Institute in Perth, Western Australia.

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