System Design, Implementation and Integration

We have been involved in end to end design, implementation and integration of many types of systems and conditions, including:

  • Re-implementation of end to end systems in a merged high tech manufacturing business
  • Design and implementation of an end to end new media supply system
  • Selection of new CRM  systems to integrate with existing systems in mobile telecoms provider
  • Redesign and restructuring of Customer Support systems for Telecom provider
  • Redesign and restructuring of content specification and production process for major new media content provider

Typically any project has elements of Design, Implementation and Integration:


  • Capturing requirements from stakeholders.
  • Analysing and assessing technical, commercial and project risks.
  • Ownership of the design process (technical design authority) ensuring that the proposed solution meets the requirements and minimises risk, cost and timescales.
  • Detailed design of interfaces and system elements.

Implementation (and re-implementation)

  • Business process mapping and design
  • Gap Analysis
  • Expert implementation planning
  • Program design and managemement
  • System test and acceptance


  • Specification of interface requirements
  • Sourcing of 3rd party or informal systems where required
  • Integration planning
  • Integration testing

We can help with programme management of large, medium and small project, including management of third party suppliers.

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