Forecasting and Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

  • Transaction Messaging
    worked with a large communications company to determine the potential for XML messaging in transactions in the emerging SOA/SaaS market, and helped to develop business case and go to market approaches.
  • Real Time Search
    Worked with a Telecommunications company to determine the future potential for Real Time Search in the B2C and B2B markets.
  • Online Advertising market development
    Conducted major review of Online Advertising market for Telecommunications industry client, and predicted market for 10 year outlook
  • Future of Video Media – research for media industry group on threats and opportunities for their industry, predicted market for 10 year outlook
  • Review of “Web 2.0″ and related technologies
    Reviewed the emerging research projects in the overall emerging “Web 2.0″ arena, for a large R&D operation – user generated content, new search, folksonomies, social networks, open source, interactive advertising, customer analytics and customer experience areas and defined areas of possible services to develop themselves, areas to collaborate and services to potentially spin out.
  • Future of Mobile Integrated Circuit market
    Created scenario driven market prediction for major global mobile integrated circuit manufacturere with 5 year outlook, using scenario planning and game theory
  • Future of “Freeconomic” and “Freemium” business models for Web 2.0/Social media companies
    Study undertaken for industry body. Some of our work was presented at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 conference, Berlin 2008 and at SXSW, Austin, Texas in 2009


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