Business and Technology Strategy


Business Strategy

  • Convergent Multimedia Platform
    We worked with a mobile telecoms company to determine the feasibiity of a fixed/mobile Platform-as-a-Service play and helped to develop business case and go to market approaches.
  • Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 strategy
    We designed the strategy and business models for a financial services company to move from a Web 1.0 environment to a Web 2.0 environment. Now moving into implementation phase
  • TV Broadcasting Strategy for the European Parliament
    As part of a consortium, we analysed the issues that needed to be addressed to meet the parliament’s objective of getting direct TV access to the electorate. This included the cost of reaching viewers within the 25 EU member states using various distribution platforms and the implications of working in all the official EU languages.
  • Meta Data Standards
    We worked with the ISAN International Agency on development of their standard and looked at how they might gain industry accepentce of the standard.
  • Conditional Access Strategy
    We defined the requirements and analysed the system integration issues for this European TV platform operator, then found a short-list of conditional access vendors and worked with the client to get the best system for the best price.
  • Multimedia Directory Service Stretegy
    for a tier 1 telecom operator. We reviewed their existing projects in the space, and analysed the future of the Multimedia Directory and its contact and context aggregation role within Social Networks, Trust and Identity to define a set of future platform requirements for the company.


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